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Plans to begin building air terminal in Belarusian logistics hub Bremino-Orsha in summer


The construction of an air terminal in the multimodal industrial and logistics hub Bremino-Orsha is supposed to begin in summer 2019, BelTA learned from the logistics hub director Vladimir Kostenevich at a conference in the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee on 21 February.

Among other things the air terminal will include two warehouses with refrigerating chambers for storing flowers. The terminal's total area will be close to 5,300m2. About 12 months is the standard time for building the air terminal. Apart from that, plans have been made to start building the second warehouse complex as large as 10,000m2 in the multimodal industrial and logistics hub Bremino-Orsha in April. The first one was commissioned on 6 February 2019.

In the near future the logistics company intends to send a train of refrigerated railroad cars along the new Silk Road from Orsha to China. The train is supposed to leave Belarus in March. Work is now in progress to put together the train, which will carry primarily Belarusian meat and dairy products. As a rule, such a train consists of roughly 50 cars and will deliver its freight within 14-17 days, Vladimir Kostenevich noted.

As from 1 March a customs clearance station will be opened in the Bremino-Orsha hub. It will handle freight transported across the customs border by road and railroad. The logistics company is considering the possibility of using its premises as from 1 June to mark products, which will be transported to Russia.

The first stage of the project to build the multimodal industrial and logistics hub in Orsha District was completed in February 2019. It involved building a top-notch access road 1.85km long from the P76 motorway, a warehouse as large as about 13,000m2, an administrative wing (2,600m2), parking lots fit for 212 semi-trucks and 30 cars, various kinds of engineering infrastructure. Since the automobile logistics terminal was opened, about 200 refrigerator trucks have been processed. The average time for unloading one truck for the sake of customs control operations amounted to 35-40 minutes, Vladimir Kostenevich added.